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Officers of the Board Members / Les Membres du Comité Administratif


Dr. Matthew Barrigar BSc, DC, FCCOS(C)
Division of Clinical Education CMCC
6100 Leslie Street
Toronto, ON M2H 3J1
Tel: (416) 241-4242 / Fax: (647) 689-6485 / Email:

Vice President

Dr. Gordon Lawson MSc, DC, FCCOS(C), FRCCSS(C)
2 Millstone Court
Unionville, ON L3R 7M1
Tel: (905) 475-2001 / Fax: (905) 479-4406 / Email:

Secretary / Treasurer

Dr. Inger Simonsen DC, FCCOS(C), RAc
187 Madison Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 2S6
Tel: (416) 961-5571 / Fax: (416) 929-6606 / Email:

Board Members at Large

Lisa Burton, Ontario
Shawn Henderson, Ontario
Andrew Pulinec, Ontario
David Stannard, Alberta
Patricia Tavares, Ontario


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