Continuing Education

For members looking for structured continuing education (CE), the following list contains examples of orthopaedic specialist-level CE. This is not an exhaustive nor exclusive list, but merely offers examples of available CE experiences.

  1. Fracture courses: CASTED
  2. On-line CDI content from the Graduate Studies program hosted by University of Bridgeport
  3. Fracture clinic or orthopaedic surgery observations at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (S&RH), Toronto. S&RH requires proof of vaccinations and N95 mask fitting at member’s expense. All CCOS(C) members have general liability coverage for attending on-site CCOS(C) business, including CE in hospitals anywhere in Canada, so long as our insurer is informed of the site prior to your date of attendance. Proof of insurance can be provided; please contact Dr. Matthew Barrigar, President, at for insurance arrangements. To make arrangements at S&RH, please contact Dr. Rocco Guerriero at
  4. Athabasca University non-program credits in evidence-based care: MHST603 and MHST610
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