Graduate Studies Program

The College of Chiropractic Orthopaedic Specialists (Canada) announces the launch of its new Graduate Studies Program.

A 454-hour program, with 358 hours available as distance learning, has been designed to give maximum access to chiropractors across Canada who aspire to be Chiropractic Specialists in Orthopaedics.

The deadline for application for this year’s 5 positions is November 1, 2018.

If you have any questions after reviewing the application information, please e-mail us at

August 1, 2018

To Prospective Candidates:

I would like to introduce you to the training program that the College of Chiropractic Orthopaedic Specialists (Canada) [CCOS(C)] has put together for those aspiring to become Fellows of CCOS(C).

For this year, the first application round of the new program, we will be accepting a maximum of five candidates. It is expected that those five candidates will be available to take the Cumming fracture courses outlined below in Banff, Alberta, on January 17 and 18, 2019. The application deadline date for 2018 will be November 1, 2018.

If you are applying from a jurisdiction that does not recognize chiropractic specialties, please be clear in your own mind as to what the benefit to you will be of obtaining a Fellowship. The outlined program should enable you to sit successfully the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedics (ACO) examination. Please read and sign the disclaimer regarding the exam in Part 6 of the application package.

For applicants from Alberta, please note the following regarding fracture management as outlined in Sections 14(2) and 15(1) of the Chiropractors Profession Regulation of Alberta’s Health Professions Act ( The program elements have been chosen to prepare candidates for the ACO exam; this may not prepare you fully for clinical fracture management. Other supervised experience such as with a chiropractic orthopaedist who does fracture management or other training courses such as provided by CASTED (see may be required to fulfill the requirements of Section 15(1).

The elements of the program will naturally change over time. Any additional requirements that do change will only affect those whose applications are approved after the date that any additional elements are implemented. The Executive Board of the CCOS(C) reserves the right to modify existing program elements subject to variations in availability and deliverability. However, those who take longer than the planned 3 years to complete all elements of the graduate studies program, laid out at the time of acceptance of their application, will be asked to complete any additions to the program made after their original application date. We are excited to be able to offer sustainable training for candidates for fellowship in the CCOS(C). This training program is predominantly distance learning to allow as wide access as possible for chiropractors in Canada. If you have any questions, please send an email to .

The elements of the program that we are currently offering total 454 hours and include:

  1. University of Bridgeport distance learning: 250 hours of Chiropractic Development International (CDI) content, comprising the distance education component of the Orthopedics and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Post-doctoral program
  2. Athabasca University: two courses from the Masters of Health Studies for non-program students; each course is assigned 45 credit hours, or 90 hours for the two
    1. MHST 603: Facilitating Inquiry
    2. MHST 610: Evidence-Based Practice in Health Care
  3. Cumming Medical School Continuing Education (Cumming CME) Adult Fracture and Dislocation course and Paediatric Fracture course developed with Cumming CME and the Calgary Children’s Hospital. Each course is a single day for 7 hours, for a total of 14 hours, run annually on consecutive days in early January in Alberta. This component is not online; Cumming CME has 5 spots reserved for our candidates annually.
  4. A placement observing in a fracture clinic for 80 hours, to be arranged by candidates in their home community (any candidates in the Toronto area can access the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (S&RH) Fracture Clinic with our current arrangements). A clear Criminal Reference Check that includes Vulnerable Sector Screening is required by S&RH and may well be required by other facilities; the cost of the police check is the responsibility of the candidate. The police check results are to be submitted to the CCOS(C) before the start of placement. Viral screening for measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox (Varicella) and N95 mask fitting are also required by S&RH.
  5. Mentoring with a current Fellow of the CCOS(C) for 20 hours.

The total cost of the program will vary over the course of studies. Three main reasons for these fluctuations will be: 1) fluctuations in exchange rates as many elements are being provided from the United States; 2) potential changes in course costs by the institutions providing content, and 3) variability of travel costs to Alberta for the Cumming courses and to Minnesota for Part 2 of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedics (ACO) practical OSCE exam. ACO is working on establishing an on- line OSCE exam but this option is not currently available. The costs of transcripts for your application will vary according to the institutions supplying them. A rough estimate of the cost of the program would be $20,000 CDN plus travel costs.

All costs and links listed below have been verified as of July 28, 2018; however, costs and availability of content hosted by other institutions is subject to change without notice from CCOS(C).

  1. Application to CCOS(C): $500 CDN
  2. Registration fee to CCOS(C) on acceptance to the program: $500 CDN
  3. Bridgeport: $30 USD per hour, 250 hours= $7500 USD programs/chiropractic-continuing-education/advanced-clinical-training/ for course outline and to register for courses; section 7 for confirmation of the cost per hour
  4. Athabasca: $2850 CDN in total for 2 courses in Masters Health Studies: MHST603 and MHST610 for course information; for course fee information. To apply for these two courses and not the entire Masters of Health Studies, follow the link:
  5. Cumming: $480 CDN per course (2 courses: $960 CDN) plus travel to and accommodation in Alberta; for spaces reserved for CCOS(C), names must be confirmed first by the CCOS(C) Executive Board to Cumming Continuing Medical Education before registration is possible (see the 2018 prospectus for each as reference: and )
  6. AMA impairment ratings certification: strongly recommended for anyone interested in doing third-party assessments, but not essential for ACO examination
  7. ACO exam: $1900 USD total for Parts 1 and 2 plus travel costs to Minnesota for Part 2; $950 USD for part 1 (on-line written) and $950 USD for Part 2 (OSCE exam held each October at Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN, USA)
    For information see
  8. Mentoring and hospital observation placements: honoraria may be necessary for hospital placements

Please follow the instructions for application carefully. You will register for each component with each course provider yourself; however, completing the components of the program, independently of having been accepted by the CCOS(C) Board as a candidate, will not authorize you to be a recommended candidate by CCOS(C) to ACO for their examination. The ACO cannot accept candidates for their examination without the recommendation of the body supervising the training program.

Please review all the documents in the application folder. We look forward to receiving your completed application package.

On behalf of the Executive Board of the CCOS(C),

Matthew Barrigar

Matthew J.S. Barrigar, BSc., DC, FCCOS(C)
Diplomate, Canadian Academy of Pain Management
President, CCOS(C)



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